Status update from the Back Porch


Soooo…the blog has been quiet for a few days. As has my GoodReads and Twitter activity. As has the Back Porch where I like to read all the books.

(Except tonight I’m in front of the fireplace because it’s freakin’ COLD outside!)

Work tried to kill me.

Well, not literally — but it was close.

I’ve been on a project off and on for the last five years. Typically, I juggle between 20 and 30 projects at a time, and they’re usually done within a few weeks or months. This one? Freaking epic. Complicated. Detailed. High profile. Stressful. They all tend to be those things in variation to some degree. But this one was all that times 100 with insufferable stops-n-starts, the bar rising and players changing every time.

It all came to its glorious conclusion over the last five days. There’ll be some more work over the next few weeks to polish it all off–but that’s gravy. (I might’a just jinxed myself saying that. Dammit.)

The last four weeks was full of final prep with the finish line finally in sight. The last five days was executing every fine detail of years of preparations and incorporating last minute changes. The last five days involved 18 hour days working with my team and our client. It included conference calls that lasted 9 hours. It included phone calls that didn’t end til nearly one A.M. One roused me at five in the morning. I am NOT a morning person.

Fucking exhausting.

I don’t think I took a full cleansing breath until today.

Because it’s done.


I survived.

I’ve read some–in fits and starts–over the last week to attempt to quiet my mind and escape all the details that would drive me to madness otherwise. God, I don’t know what I’d do without books.

So…that’s it. That’s where I’ve been.

Nothing as glamorous as a vacation to the Italian Riviera or Fiji.

But I will say all that overtime is earmarked for a relaxing vacation soon. Alas, still not as glamorous as the Italian Riviera or Fiji.

The key word, though, is relaxing so that’s okay with me.

Thanks for continuing to visit and not abandoning me in my silence.

Book reviews will recommence forthwith.


One thought on “Status update from the Back Porch

  1. I totally understand. Work has been crazy for me and I also had to meet a manuscript deadline AND do book reviews. I feel your pain! Once I submit this manuscript to my betas and editor, I’m not doing a damn thing but reading for the rest of March. Welcome back Katie!

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