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Adrienne Wilder

In the Absence of Light

AE Ryecart

Corporate Bodies (Urban Love, book 3)

Ajax Bell

Queen City Boys
1. This Charming Man
2. Bad Reputation

Alexis Hall

Arden St. Ives.
1. How to Bang a Billionaire

Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator
1. Iron & Velvet
2. Shadows & Dreams

1. Prosperity
2. Shackles
3. Squamous with a Chance of Rain
4. Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies
5. There Will Be Phlogiston
6. Liberty

Spires Universe
2. Waiting for the Flood
3. For Real
4. Pansies

Standalone Titles
Looking For Group

Amy Jo Cousins

Bend or Break
1. Off Campus
2. Nothing Like Paris
3. The Girl Next Door
4. Level Hands

Amy Lane

Candy Man
3. Lollipop

1. The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters
2. How to Raise and Honest Rabbit
3. Knitter in His Natural Habitat

1. Keeping Promise Rock

Winter Ball
1. Winter Ball

Standalone Titles
Christmas Kitsch

Andrew Grey

Eyes Only for Me

Annabeth Albert

1. Status Update

Perfect Harmony
3. All Note Long

Out of Uniform
1. Off Base

Anna Martin

My Prince

Anna Zabo

1. Takeover
2. Just Business
3. Due Diligence
4. Daily Grind

Anne Tenino

Frat Boy and Toppy

Ashley John


Avery Cockburn

Playing for Keeps
1. Playing for Keeps
3.5 Play Dead

Avon Gale

Scoring Chances
1. Breakaway
2. Save of the Game
3. Power Play
4. Empty Net

Avril Ashton

Loose Ends
1. Scars and Secrets

Run This Town
1. (Watch Me) Break You

Brandon Witt

Mary’s Boys
1. Nachos & Hash

Standalone Titles
Under a Sky of Ash

Cate Ashwood

Zero Hour
1. A Forced Silence

C.D. Reiss

Rule (Corruption, book 3)

Clare London

London Lads
1. Chase The Ace

Con Riley

Salvage Stories
1. Salvage
2. Recovery

Standalone Titles
Must Like Spinach
True Brit

Courtney Milan

Turner Series
1. Unveiled
2. Unclaimed
3. Unraveled

Damon Suede

Lickety Split

Dan Skinner

A Summer of Guiltless Sex
The Bible Boys
The Price of Dick

Dean Pace-Frech

A Place to Call Their Own

Edmond Manning

The Lost and Founds
4. King John
5. Come Back To Me

Standalone Titles
Filthy Acquisitions

Eli Easton

Men of Lancaster County
1. A Second Harvest

Unwrapping Hank
1. Unwrapping Hank
2. Midwinter Night’s Dream

Standalone Titles
Blame it on the Mistletoe

Ella Frank

Sunset Cove
1. Finley

Elle Kennedy

Him with Sarina Bowen
2. Us

Elyse Springer

Heels Over Head

Felice Stevens

The Arrangement

Garrett Leigh

Heated Beat *books 1 and 2 reviewed together as a collection
1. My Mate Jack
2. Lucky Man

Urban Soul
1. Misfits

Standalone Titles
Between Ghosts

Gillibran Brown

Fun with Dick and Shane

Harper Fox

The Salisbury Key

Harper Miller

The Kinky Connect Chronicles
1. Ironic
2. Renewed
3. Entwined
4. Complexity

Standalone Titles
The Sweetest Taboo

Heidi Belleau

Dead Ringer with Sam Schooler

Heidi Cullinan

Clockwork Love
1. Clockwork Heart

1. Dance With Me
2. Enjoy the Dance

Minnesota Christmas
1. Let it Snow
2. Sleigh Ride
3. Winter Wonderland

Special Delivery
1. Special Delivery

Tucker Springs with Marie Sexton
2. Second Hand

Standalone Titles
Nowhere Ranch

Indra Vaughn

Vespertine with Leta Blake

Jaime Samms

The Foster Family

J.A. Rock

Prescott College with Lisa Henry
1. Mark Cooper versus America

Subs Club
1. The Subs Club
2. Pain Slut
3. Manties in a Twist

Standalone Titles
By His Rules
The Good Boy with Lisa Henry

Jay Northcote

A Family for Christmas

J.C. Lillis

“If We Be Friends” Follow Me Into Darkness Anthology

Jeff Erno

Life Without Parole
1. Fallen Angel

J.M. Darhower

Monster in His Eyes
1. Monster In His Eyes

J.M. Snyder

Not Another One Hit Wonder

John Wiltshire

Ollie Always

Jordan L. Hawk

.5 The 13th Hex *reviewed with Hexbreaker
1. Hexbreaker
2. Hexmaker

Josh Lanyon

The Art of Murder
1. The Mermaid Murders

Standalone Titles
Jefferson Blythe, Esquire
Winter Kill

J.R. Gray

“Masked” Follow Me Into Darkness Anthology

Kade Boehme

Borrowing Trouble
Chance of the Heart
Chasing the Rainbow
Simple Things

Kaje Harper

Life Lessons
1. Life Lessons

Standalone Titles
Chasing Death Metal Dreams

K.A. Merikan

The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple

Karen Stivali

1-3 Moments in Time 1-3
4. Moment of Silence
5. Moment of Fate

K.C. Wells


Keira Andrews

Kick at the Darkness
1. Kick at the Darkness
2. Fight the Tide

Standalone Titles
The Next Competitor

Kim Fielding


Kit Rocha

Beyond Series
7. Beyond Ruin
8. Beyond Ecstasy
9. Beyond Surrender

Gideons Riders
1. Ashwin

K.J. Charles

A Charm of Magpies
1. The Magpie Lord
2. A Case of Possession
3. Flight of Magpies

Rag and Bone
.5 A Queer Trade
1. Rag and Bone

Sins of the Cities
1. An Unseen Attraction

Society of Gentlemen
.5 The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh
1. A Fashionable Indulgence
2. A Seditious Affair
3. A Gentleman’s Position

The World of A Charm of Magpies
1. Jackdaw

Standalone Titles
The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal

Kris Ripper

Queers of Lavista
1. Gays of Our Lives
3. Queer and the Restless

Standalone Titles
“The Queen’s Reflection” Follow Me Into Darkness Anthology

Kristen Ashley

Burg Series
6. Hold On

Chaos Series
4. Walk Through Fire

Colorado Mountain Series
7. Bounty

Unfinished Heroes
5. Sebring

Larry Benjamin

What Binds Us

Laura Kaye

Hearts in Darkness
1. Hearts in Darkness
2. Love in the Light

Leta Blake

90s Coming of Age
1. Pictures of You
2. You Are Not Me

Standalone Titles
Angel Undone
Vespertine with Indra Vaughn

Lindsey Black

Fishy Riot

Lisa Henry

Prescott College with J.A. Rock
1. Mark Cooper versus America

Standalone Titles
Adulting 101
The Good Boy with J.A. Rock

Marie Sexton

Tucker Springs with Heidi Cullinan
2. Second Hand

Standalone Titles
Trailer Trash
Winter Oranges

Marshall Thornton


Mary Calmes

A Matter of Time
1. & 2. A Matter of Time, vol. 1

Megan Erickson

Cyberlove with Santino Hassell
1. Strong Signal
2. Fast Connection
3. Hard Wired
4. Mature Content

In Focus
1. Trust the Focus
2. Focus On Me
3. Out of Frame
4. Overexposed

Silver Tip Pack
1. Daring Fate

Melanie Hansen

Resilient Love
2. Signs of Life
3. Unquiet

Mercy Celeste

Out of the Blues

Mia Kerick

The Art of Hero Worship

Neil S. Plakcy

Angus Green
1. The Next One Will Kill You

Nina R. Schluntz

Kale’s Paroxysm

N.R. Walker

Spencer Cohen Series
1. Spencer Cohen, book 1
2. Spencer Cohen, book 2
3. Spencer Cohen, book 3

Posy Roberts

Momo: My Everything

Rhys Ford

Cole McGinnis
6. Dirty Heart

Half Moon Bay
1. Fish Stick Fridays
2. Hanging the Stars

2. Duck Duck Ghost

Ink and Shadows
1. Ink and Shadows

Murder and Mayhem
Murder & Mayhem

4. Sloe Ride
5. Absinthe of Malice

Standalone Titles
Clockwork Tangerine
Dim Sum Asylum
There’s This Guy

Rick R. Reed

The Couple Next Door

Riley Hart

3.5 Return to Blackcreek

2. Shifting Gears (Crossroads, book 2)

Roan Parrish

Middle of Somewhere
1. In the Middle of Somewhere
2. Out of Nowhere

Small Change
1. Small Change

Standalone Titles
“Touched” Follow Me Into Darkness Anthology

Ruby Moone


S.A. McAuley

Resonator with SJD Peterson
1. Ruin Porn (Resonator, book 1)

Standalone Titles
Where Wishes Go

Sam Schooler

Dead Ringer with Heidi Belleau

Santino Hassell

The Community
1. Insight

Cyberlove with Megan Ericson
1. Strong Signal
2. Fast Connection
3. Hard Wired
4. Mature Content

Five Boroughs
1. Sutphin Boulevard
2. Sunset Park
3. First and First
4. Interborough

Standalone Titles
“Hurricane” Follow Me Into Darkness Anthology

Sarina Bowen

Him with Elle Kennedy
2. Us (Him, book 2)

Six delos Reyes

Talking Nerdy
1. Beginner’s Guide: Love & Other Chemical Reactions

SJD Peterson

Guards of Folsom
5. Bound (Guards of Folsom, book 5)

Resonator with S.A. McAuley
1. Ruin Porn

Sloane Kennedy

The Protectors
1. Absolution

Suki Fleet

Light Up The Dark

Tal Bauer

The Executive Office
3. Enemy Within

Taylor V. Donovan

By Degrees
1. Six Degrees of Lust

Standalone Titles
Disasterology 101

Tess Bowery

Treading the Boards
1. Rite of Summer

Tiffany Reisz

Original Sinners
2. The Angel
8. The Queen
The Confessions: An Original Sinners Collection
Something Nice (Original Sinners vignette)

Standalone Titles
The Headmaster

T.J. Klune

At First Sight
2. The Queen and the Homo Jock King
3. Until You (At First Sight, book 3)

Bear, Otter and the Kid
1. Bear, Otter & the Kid

Immemorial Year
1. Withered + Sere
2. Crisped + Sere

Tales from Verania
1. The Lightning-Struck Heart

1. Wolfsong

Standalone Titles
How To Be a Normal Person
Into This River I Drown
Olive Juice

Vanessa North

Lake Lovelace
1. Double Up
2. Rough Road
3. Roller Girl

Standalone Titles
Blueberry Boys