I’m Katie; I’m in my 40’s on paper but holding strong at 29 out loud. I’m a Coastal Southerner, happily divorced with no kids. I majored in Literature in college, but I’m a software programmer for a paycheck. How’d that happen?

Why Back Porch Reader? Because I literally do 90% of my reading from a cozy wicker lounger on my back porch — in all seasons and all weather (excepting temps below 38° F and category 5 hurricanes). That other 10% is wherever I happen to be with a book.

Porches are a southern staple, and for me, it’s a natural extension of my home. It’s a comfy little place where I can kick off my shoes, keep an ear on the sounds of suburban nature, and get lost in books. It’s also the place to entertain my neighbors when they pop ’round for a gab.

I’m glad you’re here! Settle in, I’ve got plenty of chairs and iced tea (or something stronger if you prefer) — and lots of books to chat about.

Reading is better on the porch.