Play Dead, by Avery Cockburn

cover-averycockburn-playdeadThe popular Scottish gay-romance series returns with this must-read novella!

Colin’s wounds have finally healed. He’s ready for his big comeback on the football pitch and can’t wait to return to a normal life—especially the rampaging sex he and his boyfriend, Lord Andrew, once indulged in.

But Andrew has his own invisible wounds. Each day the memories of that near-fatal attack tighten their grip on his mind. Yet he must stay strong for the man he loves, the man who almost died to save him.

Colin knows something’s wrong. The more questions he asks, the more Andrew hides behind his aristocratic stiff upper lip. A surprise turn of events may give them the justice they crave, but will it be enough?

When Andrew finally breaks down—in typically spectacular fashion—he must learn to trust like never before. And Colin must learn there’s more than one kind of strength.

Because with a love as mad as theirs, there’s no such thing as normal.

Note: Play Dead features the heroes of Playing to Win, but like all Glasgow Lads books, it may be read as a stand-alone story.


March 23, 2017
Avery Cockburn
Glasgow Lads, book 3.5
170 e-book pages
3rd person
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This unincentivized ARC was distributed to subscribers of Avery’s newsletter, and it goes to show that good things come to those who wait…and subscribe to author newsletters.

NEVER FEAR, though, this book is now available on Amazon, and is currently free for Kindle Unlimited users.

For a novella initially launched through a newsletter, gotta say I was immensely surprised at the length and seriousness. I expected thirty or so pages of happy, sexy times. Something fluffy to whet my appetite for upcoming book four. No complaints! Because there were some happy, sexy times, and kilts, and that lovely Scottish burr I love so much.

Play Dead picks up on the tail end of book three, and some months after a Tragic Event in book two that took Colin down hard. He’s better now, mostly, thanks to Lord Drew’s devoted TLC.

But…things aren’t exactly as they seem.

Sometimes the psychological damage from witnessing a horrific event is as damaging as the physical trauma that happened to someone else.

We had a decent HFN in book two. These guys are all young, life happens, so I don’t really expect rock solid HEAs. There was enough that I truly felt that Colin and Drew would likely survive the long haul — especially having made it to the other side of the Tragic Event.

But life happens, and obstacles get tossed in our way, and sometimes our minds play dirty tricks.

While they’re each pretty strong-willed on their own accord — Colin busting his ass to get back on the pitch, and Drew in attempting to ignore the downward spirals of depression and PTSD — these guys are stubbornly in love. They prove to themselves they’re stronger together. And they prove that seeking help isn’t weakness.

Through it all, there’s some rowdy football action, a few glances of the other characters I love, a tiny hint at things to come, an offer to help from a person I least expected, and plenty of hot and sexy times. I said that earlier. It bears repeating.

This isn’t a light-n-fluffy read like we might expect from an in-between-novels novella. This hurt my heart, and I soaked more than one tissue. But it was a raw and honest glimpse of emotional struggle that was superbly well done. Every step of the way through the darkness there was a glimmer of hope, plenty to make me smile or have a giggle or two, and offered a few surprises from this motley crew of footballers I adore.

If you haven’t tried this series, I recommend it. The whole thing. Because HOT SCOTTISH DUDES WHO WEAR KILTS AND PLAY SOCCER (or football, whatever I’m American) AND FALL IN LOVE AND STUFF.

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Hiya, I’m Avery Cockburn (rhymes with Savory Slow Churn). My days are filled with beautiful men who play the Beautiful Game in the most beautiful place in the world. Being an author is pretty much the best job ever.

I live in the United States with one infinitely patient man and two infinitely impatient cats.

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