Review: Out of the Blues, by Mercy Celeste

The Blurb:

cover-MercyCeleste-OutoftheBluesWhoever said you can’t go home again should change that to should not go home again. As in EVER!

Mason Foxworth swore on his grandmother’s bible never to return to the small Georgia town he sort of grew up in. And for eight years he’d succeeded in keeping that promise. Until his twin sister decided she needed to get married…back home…and she’d invited their parents. Wasn’t this going to be a just a fabulous weekend?
Since leaving the Marines, Kilby Adams rarely ever left his farm and now here he was in Georgia, as best man at his stepbrother’s wedding. Out of his comfort zone and with too many people that he doesn’t know Kilby has nothing to keep his mind off the past except the gorgeous brother of the bride.

And wouldn’t you just know it, there was only one room left at the Inn and Kilby would have to share it, with Mason, who was straight and….yeah, this was going to be one hell of a weekend.

The Stats:

November 9, 2015
MJC Press
Contemporary, M/M, GLBT+
219 e-book pages
1st person (two POVs)
Dates I read this:
Edition I read:
November 22-23, 2015
Kindle Edition
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The Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Welcome to Dysfunction Junction.

This book is a whole lotta insta-lust/love, a whole lotta “I swear I’m not gay,” and a whole lotta fucked up family dynamics that make the Kardashians seem stable.

Both characters have damaging baggage but an electric attraction that can’t be denied.

Despite what read as over the top melodrama, the likes found in gossip rags by the grocery store check-out, the attraction between Mason and Kilby is what kept me turning the pages. It was cracklin’ hot. I could feel the draw between them tugging at my heart strings, and I wanted them to find their way to be together.

The first half of the book is a roller coaster of cray cray family dysfunction swirling around the wedding of Mason’s twin sister. The sibling banter between Mason and his sister was hilarious. The parents were despicable and self-absorbed lunatics giving credence to their children being a bit unbalanced.

I don’t know how Mason and Kilby could find time for clandestine trysts betwixt all the other celebratory hoopla, but they seemed to manage it as well as realizing there was more to it than a typical wedding hook-up.

Things take a turn in the last half and it reads much different. The drama continues, but is more reflective and emotional with deeper angst and self-discovery, as well as some other truths coming out of the woodwork. I was glad to see the book take this turn. It made the HEA well-earned and believable when I wasn’t sure that would be the case.

This was an entertaining read. Again…over the top, but fun.

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