Back Porch Rating System

My ratings stick closely to the “GoodReads” standards. Occasionally I’ll make note of half-star ratings and will typically round up on GoodReads reviews and other sites where I may cross-post, but I’ll keep the half-stars here on the blog.

Stars Goodreads What this means to me
5 Stars It was AMAZING This totally knocked my socks off, and I might end up a crazed fan (from a respectable distance).
4 Stars I really liked it This was truly enjoyable, and I’d recommend it.
3 Stars I liked it It was good, and I’m glad I read it, but I may have had some issues.
2 Stars It was okay I finished it, but I did not find it particularly enjoyable and I definitely had issues.
1 Star I didn’t like it This is likely a DNF past the 50% mark.

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