Review: Spencer Cohen, book 3, by N.R. Walker


cover-nrwalker-spencercohen3Learning to be in a committed relationship has been easy for Spencer. In fact, too easy. Andrew has fit into his life seamlessly. Spencer’s let go of his insecurities and hang-ups, and he and Andrew are enjoying where things are headed.

For the first time in years, Spencer’s life is unbelievably perfect. Andrew overthinks everything. So when Spencer gets a phone call from Australia, he’s certain Spencer will push him away.

But instead of driving them apart, maybe it will solidify what they already have. Maybe Spencer will depend on Andrew more than ever. Maybe the Spencer Cohen story will come full circle, and maybe, just maybe, Spencer will have the happily ever after he never thought possible.


Dates read:
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April 21, 2016
BlueHeart Press
Contemporary, Novella, M/M, LGBT+
189 e-book pages
1st person
Spencer Cohen, book 3
April 22-24, 2016
Kindle Edition
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I don’t think I’ll ever get why some authors string characters along across a series where little to nothing of significance takes place from one installment to the next. These were published relatively close together, so there wasn’t the much-dreaded wait time, so…at least there’s that. But this series should have been condensed into one book with a few nice arcs and a hearty The End.

Folks, the first two sentences of the blurb say it all. “Learning to be in a committed relationship has been easy for Spencer. In fact, too easy.”

I can’t deny Spencer and Andrew are likable and adorable. Their relationship is sweetness beyond all reason, and I did love them together. There were a few chuckles and a few aww how nice moments along the way.


In the grand scheme, it was too easy. I need a bit more meatiness to a story, more weight, more…all the stuff to make the investment of my time, money, and emotions worth it.

Everything that happens across the three books of this series can be chalked up to little events, things that happened. No super conflict, major drama, or significant character growth that takes any length of time to resolve.

It felt more like fluff that could’ve should’ve been pared down to a single novel of about 220 pages with a crafty arc threaded throughout. One that offered some push and pull between the characters. Between them, there wasn’t much of that…other than trying to take it slow. I respect that part of it, I do, but there needed to be more than the simple adjustment to coupledom.

So umm…I guess we can say, in essence, this wasn’t a win for me.

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