Review: Bounty, by Kristen Ashley


cover-kristenashley-bountyJustice Lonesome has enjoyed a life of bounty.

Even so, she’s inherited the curse of the Lonesome. A poet’s soul. Which means she’s still searching for something. Searching for peace. Searching for the less…that’s more.

And when the foundation of her life is pulled out from under her, grieving, she goes to the mountains to find her oasis. She hits Carnal, Colorado and decides to stay.

Deke Hightower lost everything at the age of two. He lost it again at fifteen. His life has not been about bounty. It’s been about learning to live with less, because there’s no way to get more.

Deke’s also watched all his friends go down to the women who gave them what they needed. He wants that for himself. But he knows that search isn’t going to be easy because he’s a rider. His home is the road. That’s the only place he can breathe. And the woman who takes her place at his side has to do it sitting on the back of his bike.

When Deke meets Justice, he knows she’s not that woman. She’s cute. She’s sweet. And she’s into him, but she’s got it all and Deke knows he won’t fit into that. So he holds her at arm’s length. Establishes boundaries. And Justice will take it because she wants Deke any way he’ll let her have him.

But when Justice finds herself a pawn in a dangerous game, Deke makes a decision.

When he does, he has no idea he’s just opened himself up to bounty.


Dates read:
Edition read:
April 18, 2016
Kristen Ashley
635 e-book pages
Mix of 1st & 3rd person
Colorado Mountain, book 7
April 18-19, 2016
Kindle Edition
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So…anyone who follows my reviews, knows I don’t read a whole lot of straight-people romance these days. I mean…it happens. But rarely anymore.

The ones I do read are typically by authors I’m addicted to beyond reason.

Kristen Ashley is my crack. I can’t help it.

This book takes us back to Carnal, Colorado where the men are all muscly giant alphas with hardened exteriors and gooey middles for the right woman. What the hell is in the water there?

We finally, FINALLY, get Deke’s story. He’s been an elusive bugger with his travelin’-man ways only settling in town for a few months each year. Or, you know, when alphas need to do Heroic Alpa Things to save their woman he might swoop in to lend an extra brawny alpha hand.

Y’all. Carnal needs to be a real place. I need to for real live there. I don’t care if there’s no beach…I could be a sassy mountain woman. What? I could…

Right. This book.

I mostly loved it. Because it’s classic Kristen Ashley with the drama, the feels, the sweetness, the smokin’ hot sex, the quiet times, the cracking the hard shell of a dreamy guy, the strong woman whose usually somewhat relatable, getting to the center of him and him her, them going forward stronger together with some mayhem along the way. You know what you’re gonna get with her books, and I like the comfort and dependability in that. Also all the sexy hotness.

Like all her other books, I got sucked right from the minute this baby landed on my Kindle, and I read into the wee hours of Monday morning making me worthless for work. The cool thing is, I work from home, so oversleeping my alarm wasn’t that big a deal. Trudging to the coffee pot, though, was a feat. Fortunately, my day was mostly clear, and I’ll admit I read during normal business hours because I couldn’t help myself. Shhhh…don’t tell my boss! True story, I had to stop reading smack in the middle of one of the HOTTEST sex scenes in the book to jump on a four o’clock conference call that lasted an hour and a half. That was not cool.

I loved catching up with the Carnal crowd because I’ve never been able to pick a favorite between all the goodness of Tate, Max, Ty, Chase, Wood, Decker, or Ham…though I probably lean more heavily toward Tate, Max, and Ty.

Sometimes I relate to the girl, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they’re memorable, other times…y’all, let’s be honest, it’s all about the man. That man who’s ultimately fearless (after getting his head out of his ass) about getting the girl and doing everything in his power to be everything she needs. Even if he’s fighting his own demons and takes a while to get there.

Like I said, sometimes I relate…and this was one of the times I didn’t fully connect with Justice. Even though she’s a down-to-earth kind of girl, she’s a super rich rock princess with a life that few can even begin to imagine. No matter how ya slice it, she comes from such a monumental background she can’t just be an average chick going about her day even if she loves spending time in Deke’s AirStream and driving a rusty truck. While she was a well-grounded girl, I couldn’t get in tune with her bazillionaire problems. Annnd I wasn’t real hip on her nicknames…Jussy or Jus. They did strange things to my brain. Now, I do love the pet names KA gives her characters, so I loved that Deke called her Gypsy for her Boho-wandering-girl spirit.

Then, too, I usually dig KA’s descriptions of settings that put me right there in the story from every angle. This time, though, we were mostly in a house under construction…lots of studs (the lumber kind, not all hot-dudes), stacks of drywall, power tools, and piles of construction paraphernalia. I used to love watching home-renovation shows on the telly…so, none of it was over my head. Even though Deke was the man with a low-slung tool belt doing the construction things and I wouldn’t have minded an in-person seat to watch him sweat and nail stuff, well, it all ended up being way too much of the story for me in the grand scheme.

And the mayhem aspects that KA is so deft with were fully present here. However, I really kind of hated that Justice had to be brutally attacked for Deke to finally give in to the attraction because his protective instincts kicked into overdrive. I just…that…. It bothered me. Immensely. Sure he coming around, sure we knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his distance. But those pieces falling into place as they did, it hurt to read. And kind of made me not like Deke as much as I really wanted to.

I wouldn’t miss a Kristen Ashley book for the world. I love them all so much it’s hard to pick a favorite. This book, while I’m so glad I read it, isn’t quite making my list of All Time Favorite K.A.s.

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