Review: Bound, by SJD Peterson


cover-sjdpeterson-boundTek Cain & Jamie Ryan work at the Guards of Folsom BDSM club. After two years on the run from their old motorcycle club and the Feds, Tek & Jamie are finally able to relax and enjoy their new life in New York City. But the past won’t stay buried, and when the MC resurfaces, it’s Jamie who pays the price. Tek and the rest of the members at the Guards of Folsom must work together to get back one of their own.

In this, the final installment in the Guards of Folsom series, everyone must come together, bound as one in their quest to find Jamie and bring him home once and for all.


Dates read:
Edition read:
March 14, 2016
Dreamspinner Press
Contemporary, M/M, BDSM, GLBT+
304 e-book pages
3rd person
Guards of Folsom, book 5
March 22-24, 2016
Kindle Edition
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I think I discovered Pup, the fist book in this series very early on in my M/M reading days. At the time, I was still pretty hot-n-heavy into reading BDSM books so finding Pup was a super special treat. It was thoughtful and emotional, showing that BDSM, for some, can be exactly what the mind needs to find quiet and focus. It was not the rip-roaring freaky kink show I’d thought I’d stumbled upon. It was hot, sure…but there was a depth I was grateful to find but hadn’t expected.

I quickly grabbed book two, Tag Team, which might’ve been my introduction to  M/M/M. It was pretty tame for my general tastes of the BDSM genre. Instead, it was gut-wrenching, clawing out from rock-bottom despair. But it helped to solidify in my mind that threesome relationships are pretty freaking great when built on solid foundations. This was my absolute favorite of the series. (Still is.)

Then came Pony and the title alone had me super intrigued and ready for some low-down get-yur-freak-on kinky fun. But, from what I remember, it was also way more of an emotional ride.

I also read books four and 4.5 as soon as they were available.

Finally, Bound, the fifth and final book of this series was yet another emotional journey. This time, the cradle to grave kind of love. Tek and Jamie, born on the same day, in the same hospital, to the same life in a dangerous world of the scary kind of bikers fighting for survival and trying to find peace and anonymity so they can just breathe free.

This was beautiful.

But, not my favorite.

I had a few quibbles.

I’m not crazy about books about established couples–though we get how Tek and Jamie met in book four this was more of a continuation than a book on a new couple as were the first three books. The Big Scary Thing happens in the first 30% then the rest is just moving on and recovering from it. I kept thinking that Another Scary Thing was going to come jumping out when I least expected…and, well, I was a tad disappointed. Also, I didn’t recall this from book four, but often found Tek to be a bit on the whiny and pouty side–way too much for me to find endearing or cute from this giant bear of a man.

All that aside I can’t say I wasn’t pleasantly engaged from beginning to emotional nearly tearful end. I was over the moon to finally see Tek and Jamie get their HEA.

On the kink side, this was also relatively tame for my sometimes filthy reading tastes. Tek and Jamie don’t consider themselves BDSMers. They’re just around it a lot because of where Tek works and their mutual friends. They do enjoy rope play but aren’t into D/s at all. The sex between them is combustible, so I can’t complain. At all. Really. HOT!

I enjoyed this book and overall loved this series. Each one, with their gorgeous sexy covers and their edgy titles, was a lesson in finding intimacy, trust, and love and meeting needs by digging beneath the surface of kinky desire.

I definitely recommend for those who like some kink on the side of their flawed, beautiful heroes taking an emotional journey.

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