Review: Unraveled, by Courtney Milan


cover-courtneymilan-unraveledThe stunning conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Turner series…

Smite Turner is renowned for his single-minded devotion to his duty as a magistrate. But behind his relentless focus lies not only a determination to do what is right, but the haunting secrets of his past–secrets that he is determined to hide, even if it means keeping everyone else at arm’s length. Until the day an irresistible woman shows up as a witness in his courtroom…

Miranda Darling isn’t in trouble…yet. But she’s close enough that when Turner threatens her with imprisonment if she puts one foot wrong, she knows she should run in the other direction. Yet no matter how forbidding the man seems on the outside, she can’t bring herself to leave. Instead, when he tries to push her away, she pushes right back–straight through his famous self-control and into the heart of the passion that he has long hidden away…


Dates read:
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December 8, 2011
Courtney Milan
Historical Romance (Victorian)
501 e-book pages
3rd person
Turner Series, book 3
February 6-7, 2016
Kindle Edition
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Rating:     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

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This was…everything I wanted it to be and possibly a little bit more.

I wasn’t sure about the ‘kept woman’ premise. But, I bought it. I bought it because I had an inkling of the kind of man Smite was–a bit damaged and quite detached. I bought it because I felt it was, for a time, all he’d be capable of.

As far as our heroine goes, well, it’s easy to perch on a place of judgement and wonder why she’d ever agree to such an arrangement, selling herself. But see, I also think I can understand and be empathetic to her plight. I mean, she was already under the thumb of something sinister. She was a shilling shy of penniless. She had another mouth to feed. And her wigs weren’t selling. A temporary arrangement such as this? I refuse to cast judgement–because I don’t know that level of despair. I don’t know what I’d do in Victorian England when the options for women of lower social standing were so few and far between.

Also, I was SO happy to see that, despite Miranda’s fiery red hair, she didn’t have the overdone stereotypical redheaded temper.

Personality wise, they were perfect for each other. Perfect. Smite’s droll wit was highly entertaining. Miranda’s comebacks and intuition and how she managed to…well, manage Smite with his idiosyncrasies was a beautiful thing. They had a mind to each other’s emotional needs from the start. I wasn’t sure Smite would be able to pull that off but loved how a deeper level of care came easily to him despite his hardened exterior.

If anything, I think I’d have liked a little more of Miranda’s ward, Robbie. It seems he was forgotten at times. I know the story wasn’t about him, but for the most part, he was the only family Miranda had. I’d have liked to see a bit more inclusion of him from Smite as they forged their way together.

I loved this series. Adored it.

I love Courtney’s style, the depth of her characters, her trope trouncing and creative twists. The writing is gorgeous, and the stories are engaging and fun.

These books have been a little bit of a departure from my typical reading habits of late. But it’s been fun dipping into the works of Courtney Milan. There will be more in my future.

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