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Last week’s Feature Friday….man y’all. That’s had a lot of visits this past week. I’m kind of blown away and I’ve been smiling like a lunatic all week. I hope that means some of you are checking out the books I recommend. THANK YOU for being a bright spot in this girl’s week.

This Feature Friday is gonna be a little bit different.

It’s not about one book. It’s about an entire series.

You read that right. A WHOLE SERIES.

This might be a mistake…because this means I’m significantly diminishing the inventory in my treasure chest of books I can feature on future Fridays.

I’m a rebel like that.

I’ll come up with something if the well runs dry.

Righty ho.

So, check this out. I started reading this series waaaay back in 2013 at the recommendation of one of my real-life girlfriends–a fellow smut reader extraordinaire.

You know how recs go. At least for me, I usually nod politely, say yeah, sure I’ll check it out, then go about my day. I put this series off for a few months–mainly because it hadn’t been showing up in my Kindle recs. Silly me, I thought Kindle new my reading desires better than a friend.

Lesson: When a fellow smut reader emphatically tells you YOU NEED TO READ SOMETHING, DO IT. Don’t delay.

And, here we are. A little more than two years later and I’ve been following this series like a rabid beast. Salivating for each new release.


Do you like diiiiiirrrrty, gritty stories?
How about ones that are super well written?
With women who are smart and capable?
Men who are sex-on-a-stick smokin’ hot? (and have a sweet side, are also capable & love their women with serious respect)
Ones that have gripping plots in betwixt all the sweaty, dirty sexcapades?

How ’bout a progressing series that brings forth new characters and relationships and an ongoing fight for survival while clinging to the last vestiges of humanity?

How about when there’s some kink thrown in?

How about when the sex can be any combination of M/F, M/M, M/F/M and maybe a public orgy or two thrown in for some extra fun and games.

Are you up for that?

Does that tickle your fancy? Pique your curiosity just a little bit?

What might have scared me away in the beginning was the dystopian aspect. That terrified me a little and didn’t sound like my cup-o-tea…Miss Contemporary snob that I tend to be. I was wrong. So, so wrong.

Look. I love this series so much I bought the fucking t-shirt. Seriously, no joke. Not only that, but when I got my kickass t-shirt in the mail I immediately went on the search, found, and bought dangly, sparkly skull earrings to go with it. When I’m feeling particularly badass, I wear that upper ensemble, along with a choker & leather wrist strap, a pair of skinny jeans, and my super kick-ass red cowgirl boots. Pair all that with smokey eyes and a little extra volume in my hair? It’s FIERCE and makes me feel fearless. I could sooo be an O’Kane girl…after tossing back some whiskey, of course.

I’m not gonna keep rambling, and I don’t have reviews to share. I read all of the books listed below before I was writing reviews. I did, however, rate every single one of them FIVE STARS. If I can find the time to re-read them I’ll circle back around and review.

I’m not sharing individual covers and book stats either—but, I’ve linked each book to the GoodReads page for your convenience.

Beyond Shame (book 1)
Beyond Control (book 2)
Beyond Denial (book 2.5)
Beyond Pain (book 3)
Beyond Temptation (book 3.5)
Beyond Jealousy (book 4)
Beyond Solitude (book 4.5)
Beyond Addiction (book 5)
Beyond Possession (book 5.5)
Beyond Innocence (book 6) *Featured in my top books of 2015

Beyond Happily Ever After: Closed Doors (book 6.5)
This one slipped by me, I don’t know how, and I haven’t read it yet. I’m thinking that’s on my to-do list for the weekend.

Beyond Ruin (book 7)
This one isn’t out yet. There’s no date for release. BUT, I have it on good authority (Twitter) that Kit Rocha has finished writing it and it’s now in the editing/proofing phase. They’re usually quick to publish, so I’m thinking in the next month or so (fingers crossed). This is why I’m telling you about the series now…so you can get caught up! AND THIS ONE WILL BE A MENAGE A QUATRE! FOUR, PEOPLE. F.O.U.R. I need a whiskey and some time alone just thinking about how that’s gonna work.

There are, per Kitrocha.com, two more books in the series coming our way, and that tells me there’s a possibility for another novella or two.

About Kit Rocha:

Kit Rocha is the pseudonym for co-writing team Donna Herren and Bree Bridges. After penning dozens of paranormal novels, novellas and stories as Moira Rogers, they branched out into gritty, sexy dystopian romance.

The series has appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and was honored with a 2013 RT Reviewer’s Choice award.


That’s it from me until the next review.

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