📚Review: Shackles, by Alexis Hall (Prosperity, book 2)


cover-alexishall-shackles-prosperity2Dear Mr. Dickens,

Since you was so kind as to publish my story in your magazine, lots of folks have been sending me lots of letters asking me about stuff what happened what I don’t know about. Seems like they want to know how a priest what got himself chucked out the church, and the Arch Rogue of Gaslight, being only the prissiest motherswinker whatever held a knife to your throat, wound up in what I reckon ye might call love, or as near as passes for it.

Things is, I never did get the whirligigs to ask Ruben himself, but I done some asking round, and I think I got the shape of it.

’Cos it’s Ruben’s story, I tried to write it all proper and inkhornish like he’d like it, and Byron Kae has checked all the spellings for me, so you don’t have to ask that nice Mr. Collins this time.

I ain’t so sure about the commas.



Dates read:
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January 3, 2015
Riptide Publishing
Steampunk, M/M, GLBT+
62 e-book pages
3rd person
Series, book 2
January 7-8, 2016
Kindle Edition
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This is a quick little prequel to the Prosperity series showing us how Reuben and Milord met under quite impossible circumstances.

I enjoyed Reuben immensely in book one. Milord, as a gentlemanly murderous villain, I enjoyed him too.

Again…this is quick.

Also, a little dirty.

Reuben has the best of intentions to attempt to save Milord’s eternal soul. But Milord is….deplorable, and I’m pretty sure irredeemable.

As a companion piece, this is mighty enjoyable.

Of course, I wanted more. Of course I did. Because don’t I always?

I’m not wholly convinced I understand how these fellas tick. Now I just know how they met.

But, the writing, as ever with Alexis Hall, is on point and has moments of humor along with his graceful style.

Yep, mighty enjoyable indeed.

If you skipped the blurb go back and read it. It shows how this story came to be in the Prosperity world. Cute!

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