A Little Update

So…Feature Friday didn’t happen last week because it was a 60-hour work week and I was so busy and stressed I completely forgot. It probably won’t happen this week either because of Christmas and OBLIGATIONS. Or the following  Friday because of New Year’s. I didn’t get hate mail, so I’m thinking y’all aren’t ready to throw stuff at me.

BUT…probably sometime next weekend I’ll be posting my top reads of 2015. I’ve been working on that post for a few weeks now. It’s almost ready. I keep holding off because there’s still time to get in another spectacular read or three.

I’ll definitely be packing in a few more books and reviews in the coming weeks as time allows, so mostly business as usual.

Lastly…here’s a pic I put up on Twitter Saturday night. Me, rather my lap and knees, on the festive back porch with my Kindle.


YES, I really do read on my back porch in all seasons. This time of year, I’m snuggled under an electric blanket under several fleece throws. Also, I’m wearing a headband over my ears, gloves, and warm wooly pajamas. Why don’t I read inside where it’s warm? A question for the ages….

Have a great week everyone!

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