📚Review: How to Raise an Honest Rabbit (Granby Knitting, 2) by Amy Lane


cover-amylane-howtoraiseanhonestrabbitEverything about Jeremy has always been a lie—including his last name. When one grift too many ends in tragedy, Jeremy goes straight. But life’s hard for an ex-con, and Jeremy is down to panhandling and hope when Rance Crawford offers him work at a tiny alpaca farm and fiber mill. Jeremy takes him up on the job, thinking this could be his last chance to be a good man, and meets Aiden, who is growing into a better one.

As Aiden comes of age, Jeremy finds himself desperate to grow up, too, because Aiden starts looking to him for things Jeremy doesn’t know how to give. Being honest is terrifying for a man who’s learned to rabbit at the first sign of conflict—more so when Aiden gives Jeremy a reason to stay that can’t be packed up and carried in a knapsack. When Jeremy’s past comes knocking at their door, can Jeremy trust enough in Aiden and his new home to answer bravely back?


Dates read:
Edition read:
October 24, 2012
Dreamspinner Press
Contemporary, M/M, GLBT+
180 e-book pages
3rd person
Series, book 2
December 10-11, 2015
Kindle Edition
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I wasn’t sure about starting this, to be honest. The first didn’t really do it for me. Part of that is that novellas and short stories often feel incomplete, so I rarely read them. The first book in this series fell a bit short. But I’m a sucker for a series and a mega fan of Amy Lane. So, while I had some reservations, I knew I’d read it. And…

I liked this MUUUUUCH better than the first of the series.

This was just the kind of Amy Lane goodness I’m used to.

There was so much depth of character with Jeremy, his background, and transformation into an honest man. Watching him struggle against years of ingrained con-man behavior, huckster fast-talking, and ever-readiness to get out of Dodge was heartbreaking and unimaginable.

I loved how there was a decent time span for us to see him grow, and to allow Aiden to grow up. I rarely take issue with age gaps unless there are stark disparities for a believable attraction. The age gap between these guys was not a big deal at all—and they just fit on so many levels.

Aiden was, somehow, believable in the role of an alpha-figure. I don’t think all relationships need an alpha…but Jeremy’s character did. It’s always surprising to me when the person slotting into that role is significantly younger—and I own that as my hang-up. It was done beautifully in this story with Aiden telling Jeremy how things were gonna be.

Their sexual inexperience was adorable, and Aiden’s impatience with Jeremy being ready to go further was hilarious. Can I say that? I mean, I don’t like pressure…but, I was with Aiden on moving things along already.

On to the next book soon.

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