Sunday Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve done an actual blog post.

There’s not much to report in my boring life.

I have a cold…came down with it Thursday night and it’s doing what they do and making me only slightly miserable. The problem is I’m THE COOK for Thanksgiving. I need to be germ-free in order to pull that off and not poison everyone. So, there’s that.

My mom and I were supposed to go on an annual jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg yesterday with about 10 other women for lunch and shopping. We opted not to go since I’m feeling poorly. But man…there’s this restaurant called The Trellis where we have lunch every year. We ALWAYS get dessert to bring home–the same thing–every year and we have to bring enough for my step-dad and my aunt and some for the freezer. It’s called Death By


Death By Chocolate via The Trellis, Williamsburg, VA

Chocolate. And y’all. It. Is. DIVINE. It’s like five layers of chocolatey goodness. Each layer is a different chocolate, each filling a different chocolate, covered in dark chocolate ganache, and topped with a white-chocolate truffle. This is something to look forward to; and it takes me DAYS to eat it such is the richness.

Then there’s the fact that I’m not always a smart woman. It’s raining. The temperature is in the 50s (F). And…I’m sitting on my screened in back porch wearing a coat and under blankets. But still. I should be smart enough to stay inside where it’s actually warm and dry–which might help this stupid cold go away. But nope. Stubborn, stupid me, is on the back porch being stubborn and stupid. I’ll probably get pneumonia. God, I hope not. I’ll go drink tea then do the netty-pot thing later.

Also on the not-smart front, it’s taken me over two months of blogging book reviews to figure out that when people shared to FB it’s been sending graphics that I wouldn’t want sent…like stuff from my sidebar instead of the book cover for the review. WTF? Also, in “WP Reader View” WordPress was tacking on the Star Rating graphic instead of the cover. I guess these are limitations of–but aggravating. I think I’ve figured all that out though and have revised my Book Review format to make it show what I want.

If you’re a WordPress expert and have stumbled on this blog…don’t be afraid to tell me if I’m doing something stupid and offer a suggestion or twelve. I can take it.

Oh! And I’ve joined Tumblr. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. I don’t know what Tumblr is about…at ALL. I’m just cross-posting reviews there for now. Probably making a fool of myself. But, ya know? I have no drama in my life so here’s one way to maybe stir something up.

Thanks for visiting and for all new followers–I probably don’t say that enough. But I get a little thrill seeing stats improving. That’s all due to you guys dropping by, and maybe just a little bit of me doing something right.

Don’t be shy to comment or interact. I’m nice…honest!

Back to reading!

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