I started this blog nearly two weeks ago. I’ve been spending some time getting my pages configured the way that I think I want them—at least for now. I’ve posted a few of my book reviews.

The book reviews I’ve posted on the blog so far are cracking me up. They’re ALL five star reviews. What I find so amusing about that is that I’m really, really stingy with my stars. If you have a gander at my GoodReads profile, you’ll see that my average rating is hovering around 3.6. That’s a way more accurate average of over 1000 books read since 2012.

I’m tempted to post a few lower-rated reviews as a TBT kind of thing so any readers of my blogged book reviews won’t automatically assume that I love all of the books I read. ‘Cause I don’t. It just so happens that the last several books I’ve read have just been that good in my opinion. I’ve got on my to-do list to write another review for a book I finished several days ago…guess the fuck what? Five stars. The book I’m reading right now? mostly a four so far, but there’s potential.

I’ve posted one actual “blog” entry—which was actually something I posted on GoodReads over a month ago, so might be considered sort of cheating or, at the least, lazy. At the same time though, it’s one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. An official blog seemed to be a better forum for that long winded introspection.

Fact is, I’m not really sure I know what direction to take this new venture of mine. I’ve been procrastinating for more than a week about how to kick this off the ground.

See, I’m really quiet for the most part, though I usually have tons of shit tumbling around in my head. But, I read in order to quiet those thoughts. I realize that I’ve claimed this spot, I paid for premium space, I need to be using it.

Except, I haven’t decided what I want to actually talk about here on this blog o’ mine.

Day to day stuff? Probably not right now…because it’s really, really boring. I don’t exactly have any drama in my life. None. My life is pretty damn quiet. If I had drama, I’d probably want to talk and laugh about it, poke holes in it, work through it. So…when the drama wagon rolls in, I definitely plan to share.

Hot topics in the media? Probably. I’ll very likely get there on that kind of stuff. But, I also think this isn’t the right time for that. I feel like I should be using my first blog entries to lay a foundation for who I am. If I started talking about my take on current events at this point…where would that go exactly? Anyone who may decide to follow along here in these early days would not have any clue as to who I am. It would maybe appear that I’m using this space as a soap-box. You’d be all like “who the hell is this woman?” You’d be right, because if you were someone who turned into a regular reader, you’d have no idea what made me form those opinions or what gave me the credentials that made me feel I had the right to discuss them.

Do I just start talking about myself? Maybe so. I feel like I have a few things to work out as I grow as a person. It seems so……….egotistical though. Is it? I don’t know. I staked my claim on a platform and switched on the mic. I need to talk about something…because, crickets.

Tell me what you think!